Townsville Hospital Expansion

VALUE: $66.5 million – North Block and $25 million – Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit
CLIENT: Queensland Health
START DATE: January 2010

Townsville Hospital’s new North Block, Stage 1, project will provide a minimum of 40 additional beds as part of the Queensland Government’s 100-bed commitment made in 2006.  The expanded emergency department will more than double its current capacity and make it the largest in Queensland.  This will provide for future growth in the area and improve community access to health services.

In addition, Stage 2, which involves incorporating the expanded Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit into the existing Acute Care Block following the relocation of the Intensive Care Unit into the North Block.

DB commenced works on Stage 1 in early 2010, and has had a consistent presence onsite including since that time, with the completion of stage 1 and stage 2. Stages 3 & 4 are in the tendering stages at the moment with some preliminary works already completed by DB.  These stages will  encompass the hospital’s Clinical Support and Services Building, Cancer Care Expansion (Oncology), Clinical Ward Block (South Block) and Pathology Laboratory Expansion.  Scaffolding on this project has at times been exceptionally different to a standard construction site, as, noise, hours of work and the public are major factors whilst working in and around an operational hospital. These dynamic surroundings have kept us thinking on our feet with regards to the safety alternatives. All sites have been completed injury free.