Phosphate Hill Mine

VALUE: Ongoing maintenance
CLIENT: Incitec Pivot Limited
START DATE: July 2012

Phosphate Hill Mine Site is located approximately 1,000km from Townsville, where the Company operates export and warehouse facilities.  In addition to its beneficiation, ammonia, phosphoric acid and granulation plants, Phosphate Hill has its own phosphate mine and ore processing facility. With an annual capacity of 975,000 tonnes, Phosphate Hill is uniquely positioned, combining world-class and low-cost manufacturing plants, its own phosphate rock reserve and ammonia production from gas sourced from long-term gas supply agreements.

Phosphate Hill is complemented by a world-scale sulphuric acid plant at Mount Isa, 150km to the north. Sulphuric acid is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of ammonium phosphates.

DB started supplying scaffolders, riggers and dogman to UGL Resources at Phosphate Hills in August 2012 and has since created a great relationship with them. The knowledge and work ethics taken to a mine site guaranteed us that we would be the sites preferred top up labour to assist there maintenance crews.