Lucinda Bulk Sugar Terminal

VALUE: $33 million
CLIENT: Queensland Sugar Limited
START DATE: October 2011

Queensland Sugar Limited’s 5 km long jetty and bulk sugar loader at Lucinda, located approximately
150 km north of Townsville supplies sugar via ship loading to many countries around the world.  In early 2011 Cyclone Yasi a category 5 cyclone, hit the Queensland coastline damaging the loader, some major repairs were required to have the loader back in action by April 2012.  Abergeldie was awarded the contract in September 2011, allowing just six months to have the jetty and loader up and running again before the next sugar harvesting season began.  Nearly all of the works were carried out at heights, over water and up to 5 km out to sea with some repairs taking place under the water line.  Scaffolding was placed in locations to allow the demolition or repair of unstable or damaged structures and equipment.  Completing the job to the high standards demanded and within the time allowed has been no small challenge.

The skills required on this job were exceptional including a degree of creativity.  Thinking outside the box was a must as the finding fixing points to erect hanging, spurred and cantilevered tube an coupler scaffolds which derived the majority of the works were being undertaken was no easy task.  Falls from heights, and containment systems for environmental safety were at the forethought of design as working over water allowed no room for error.  Any mistakes could have been disastrous as the ocean below linked up to the Great Barrier Reef which was in view from the job.  We successfully completed this project with zero environmental or personnel incidents.