Lotus Glen Correctional Centre

VALUE: $350 million
CLIENT: Queensland Corrective Services
START DATE: April 2009

Lotus Glen Correctional Centre Stage 1 is the largest expansion and redevelopment of an occupied correctional centre in Australia. It is situated in Mareeba, approximately 75 minutes west of Cairns and currently has a capacity of 496 inmates. Upon completion of the redevelopment its capacity will increase to 820 inmates.  Some of the challenges associated with the project include working within a ‘live ‘correctional centre, the remote location of the centre, the logistics around entering the facility;  both in terms of personnel and materials, the fence cuts over from the existing into the new expansion area and the security cuts over from the existing facility to the new gatehouse.

This project was one never to be forgotten. The amount of scaffold erected on a daily basis needed to be seen to be believed as labour to a remote community was at times challenging to supply. DB relocated several men from Brisbane and Mackay to supply an elite team to cater for the project. The job ran smoothly and created many stepping stones into the North Qld construction industry.