DB has been operating in commercial, resource and industrial sectors for some time now and the one thing we have found that sets us apart is based on our motto “Raising the Standards” which applies to all aspects of our business.


Client satisfaction is one of our most important core values behind the safety and wellbeing of our employees. We rely on our name and the reliable service that we provide to our clients and what they come to expect from us to ensure that repeat business is guaranteed, and we ensure our clients know this by ensuring they know that we work with our clients, not just for our clients, on every project.


We value our employees and therefore safety is the upmost priority on any projects that we are involved in or represent. Our employees are always undergoing training and upgrade courses to ensure they are well versed in all safety procedures.

Project Management

DB steers clear of the traditional micromanagement of projects but implements a macro focused system that allows each project to be virtually self-sufficient with minimal input from upper management. We utilize Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to assess the productivity and efficiency of our workforce.